Políticas e Práticas

Acting in a Conscious

and proactive way

Quality, Environment and Sustainability Policy

Metalconforme as a manufacturer of devices and tools to form and test the harness and other electrical components of the automotive industry promotes a guarantee of reliability and quality of this industry. Metalconforme as a company assumes Quality, Environment and Sustainability as strategic elements of management, aiming at its commitment to the development of its activity and promotion of continuous improvement. In this sense, Metalconforme undertakes to guide its performance by the following principles:


Create value, making the organization economically viable.

Treat our clients with professionalism, respect and honesty.

Commitment to compliance with legal, regulatory and standard requirements.

Guarantee the professionalism of our employees, by providing the necessary resources and means.


Awareness, knowledge and compliance with all rules that contribute to good manufacturing practices.

Commitment to continuous improvement in meeting the established objectives and effectiveness of the system.

To be a company recognized for the quality of our products and for our professional ethics.

Protecting the Environment

Mitigate the environmental impact at all stages of the decision-making processes.

Empower and raise awareness to improve environmental performance.

Commitment to environmental protection, including pollution prevention through mitigation of significant environmental aspects;

Safety at work

Promote and encourage safety at work in all our activities.

Prevent the occurrence of accidents and guarantee the existence of means of response to emergencies.

To prevent occupational diseases and to monitor workers’ health, taking into account the specificities of our activity

Human Capital

Non-discrimination and equal opportunities.

Respect human rights and avoid situations where it may be co-responsible for human rights violations, including child labor, forced and compulsory labor, discrimination, threat to freedom of association, inadequate health and safety conditions, disciplinary practices, unfair remuneration and illegal working hours.

Regularly listen to employees’ expectations, in order to maintain their personal and professional satisfaction, as well as productivity levels.

Relations with Stakeholders

Communicate, understand the requirements and interests of stakeholders to meet and exceed their expectations.

Honoring commitments to suppliers.

Any practice or attempt of corruption or bribery is repudiated by all employees of our organization.

Managing Waste

Waste produced under the activity should be treated as follows:

  • They must be properly segregated, packaged and identified according to the LER code;
  • They must be routed to the appropriate final destination through their e-GAR (Authorized Waste Manager); Even if e-GAR can not be obtained, it must be ensured that it is sent to the appropriate ecoponto (eg piles);
  • They should be monitored for the quantity and type of waste produced;
  • Must be completed by MIRR – Integrated Map of Waste Log (where applicable);

Reduce Electricity Consumption

  • Turn off the lights when they are not needed: sufficient natural light; empty spaces: cabinets, toilets; or end of day and time of lunch (spaces totally or partially unoccupied).
  • Disconnect (individual computers + monitors): always have activated the (saving module + “access block” after a few minutes); lock computer and turn off monitor at lunch time; off (computer + monitor) at the end of the day.
  • Natural ventilation wherever possible;
  • Keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioner is on;
  • Rationalization of Electric Energy Consumption (turn off machines and other appliances when they are not producing);

Reduce Paper/Cartoon Consumption

  • Print and copy on both sides of the sheet (where possible)
  • Reuse sheets printed on one side only as scratch sheets;
  • Avoid printing documentation that can be analyzed in computer support;
  • Use recycled paper;
  • Perform scans at the expense of copies;
  • Reduce the amount of e-mail printing;

Reduce Water Consumption

  • Avoid wasting water (check that the taps are properly closed);
  • Consumption of water responsibly;
  • Sensitization of employees for the use of water bottles instead of glasses.

Reduce Toners Consumption

  • Before replacing the toner or ink cartridge of a printer or photocopier, etc., when the toner or ink cartridge is to be replaced, shake the toner or ink cartridge and replace it (this will ensure the best use of toner or toner cartridge as this will give you a few more copies);