World reference

in the harness industry

The Company

Metalconforme is a Portuguese company founded in 1993, with headquarters and factory in Portugal (Sintra) and presence in Morocco and Romania with factories installed in these countries, whose core activity focuses on the development, production and sale of counterparts , forks, cable channels holders and body clips at the request of your customers to meet their specific needs. These devices / gauges are used to form automotive harness and to make the appropriate tests of continuity and leak tests, on the assembly boards and electrical test tables. Lately, we also have all these devices in wireless technology.

Global automotive harness market

Metalconforme operates in the global automotive harness market, designing, projecting and producing and dispatching high quality parts, machines and tools that support the automotive harness production industry, and made in order to meet the specific needs of each customer. It creates solutions for the most difficult challenges, producing all parts of its products, using only the necessary raw material as tangible input and guaranteeing unique geometries so as not to have errors in the assembly through the Poka-Yoke system.



Metalconforme intends to be a reference company in the national and international market, regarding the provision of technical solutions in the area of all devices to form and to do all the electrical tests of the automotive harness, supplying the main international players around the world.


METALCONFORME’s mission is to co-operate with our customers in the research and development of new solutions in order to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability in manufacturing process.

We pretend to present always to our customers the most adequate and innovative solutions, optimizing the criteria of innovation quality and accuracy in all solutions given to our customers.

We have a big environmental conscious in order to reduce the environmental impact in all our productive process;

In our modus operandi, we put together three critical success factors: Quality; Delivery Times and Competitiveness.


The main values promoted by the owners and which guide Metalconforme’s culture and activity are:

Meeting the most stringent quality control requirements of products developed and manufactured by the company, affirming its commitment to customers to ensure the reliability and quality of the products supplied;

Creating and developing new products, solutions and services in a recognized way, surprising customers and the market, thus contributing to the innovation and evolution of the market itself;

Customer orientation
Creating and developing superior products and services that add value to each of your customers;
Business Ethics
Acting consistently with respect for the ethical principles of the market and the Company; govern employees by principles of loyalty, honesty and professionalism and safety;

­Environmental Protection
Acting consciously and proactively in protecting the environment, including pollution prevention.